Tantric Massage London

Real Tantric Massage seeks to balance and harmonize energy to bring you to a higher level by combining Tantric breathing techniques and transformation of sexual energy into conscious energy for healing emotional wounds and bringing you to a sense of wholeness and pure consciousness.

Lingam Massage London

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The Lingam massage honors the body of the person who receives it in such a way that his energy flows. It is a journey that represents the cult of male majesty without pre-established or stereotyped ideas.

Yoni Massage London

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Yoni massage represents sacred feminity, healing and empowering to women, it is allowing emotions to be transformed into freeing and unblocking energy. This type of intimate massage should be performed by real tantric masseurs with years of experience giving massage of yoni. Check Art Massage Bilbao to see an example of tantra experts on massage for woman.

Sexual Healing London

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The millenary tantric knowledge places the massage as a great sexual healer, since through this one looks for removing the obstacles often unconscious, to take them to a conscience so that they can be managed and finally to disappear, the sexual cure can include massage Yoni for women and massage Lingam for men, and according to the case it can include muldahara massage (anal massage).

Erotic Massage London

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Another possibility within this great baggage of options, is the erotic massage focused on Tantra, which will allow you to activate your senses and fully enjoy the physical pleasure and sensuality with a touch of spirituality. Check Art Massage Marbella to see a real example of this type of sensual massage and real tantric masseuses.