Online Tantra Courses

Of course it is possible to learn Tantra online, in fact the ways to transmit the millenary knowledge of Tantra have been many and very varied since the most remote times, from the oral teaching of master to disciple, through the times where information was shared and still is shared through graphics, texts, books, audios, videos, until the present time where we have Internet to share Tantra courses online, from the comfort of our home, without leaving home.

Online Tantric Massage Course

online tantric massage training

In Tantra courses, you will learn that this art is not only based on sexual techniques, although these are an important part. In our online Tantric massage courses you will learn the most powerful concepts of this therapy: lingam massage for men, yoni massage for women and sexual healing. In addition, you can train in professional tantric massage online and become a tantric healer.

Online Tantric Sex Course

online tantra sex training

In this online tantric sex course you can learn sacred sex rituals and sexual yoga techniques for women and sexual yoga for men. You will also learn the applications of sex yoga for couples and how they are combined in tantric rituals.

Online Yoga Course

online yoga training

Hatha Yoga online is the basis of tantrism, the study of yoga teaches us asanas (yogic postures), tantric meditation, pranayamas (tantric breathing), kriyas (physical and emotional cleansing) and ayurvedic medicine.

Online Erotic Massage Course

online erotic massage training

The erotic massage with tantric base takes use of the wisdom of real Tantra in the management of sexual energy, and without losing spirituality, handle the body pleasure and raise it to levels reserved for few mortals.