Tantra Course London

In these Tantra courses, you will discover that this art is not only based on sexual techniques, although these are an important part, in our Tantra Workshops in London, you will achieve to discover the magic of a path that will take you to ecstasy through Tantric massage, Tantric sex, yoga and meditation.

Tantric Massage Course

real tantra massage training london

Know the true way to harmonize soft touchs of your hands with the energy that moves inside a person who has been caught by it.

Tantric Sex Course

real tantra sex training london

Evolve as a person and as a couple by deepening the millennial knowledge of yoga, tantric massage, pranayamas, meditation and sexual rituals such as maithuna. Be brave and take the challenge to improve your sex life through the deep knowledge of your being harmonizing with the energies of Shiva and Shakti, of Yin and Yang, of the masculine and the feminine.

Yoga Course

yoga training london

Hatha Yoga is the core of Tantrism, through the study of yoga we learn asanas (yogic postures), tantric meditation, pranayamas (tantric breathing), kriyas (physical and emotional cleansing) and ayurvedic medicine.

Meditation Course

meditation training london

Take control of your life, reach unsuspected levels of awareness, in our meditation courses you will develop different techniques to master the flow of thoughts and be able to concentrate your mind for long periods of time in a particular point.