Professional Tantric Massage Course London

If you have come this far, it is because you have discovered your skills in guiding and helping others by being a therapist specializing in Tantric massage. In this professional tantric massage course, you will learn the healing applications of tantric massage. Taking this course means transforming yourself, making you aware of your essence and your healing power.

Therapeutic Tantric Massage Course

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Tantra massage therapy is a powerful healer of trauma and sexual issues. By achieving the healing of this type of sexual dysfunction or disorder you prepare yourself to lead a full and happy life, freeing yourself from ties and limiting thoughts, with the inevitable result of evolution through real Tantra.

Professional Sexual Healing Course

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The sexual cure is carried out during a therapeutic tantric massage, at the time of Yoni massage in the case of women and Lingam massage in the case of men.

In a women’s massage, the female G-spot is released by inserting one or more fingers into the vagina and stimulating the spot with appropriate pressure and rhythm.

In a massage for men, the male G-spot is activated by inserting one or more fingers into the anus and stimulating the point (prostate) with appropriate pressure and rhythm.

Erotic Massage Based on Tantric

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Erotic massage can be part of tantric massage, although it is not necessarily so. However, sensuality applied with the necessary knowledge raises the charge of sexual energy and transforms it into healing energy.

Personal Evolution – Heal Yourself to Heal Others

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Before jumping into the adventure of helping those who need you, you must begin your own journey, the same one that involves preparing yourself for an evolutionary transformation that allows you to be aware of your essence, your sexuality and the limitations imposed by your own schemes and thoughts. The professional tantra massage course in London will be your guide to personal growth and how to help others (men, women and couples) to do the same.