Sexual Healing Massage London

Powerful healing method for female sexuality and male sexuality that can include Yoni massage for women and Lingam massage for men, and depending on each person can apply anal or muladhara massage.

Tantric Massage and Sexual Healing

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Our mental conditioners have blocked our sexuality, with Tantric massage you will go deeper into the subject as it has been proven to be the most effective sex therapy.

Lingam Massage

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The Lingam massage is much more than a simple genital stimulation, it is the cult that highlights the sacredness of masculinity, this massage can include the Lingam stimulation but it will always depend on how the session is carried out.

Yoni Massage

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The Yoni massage is the sacred representation of the deep femininity, characterized by its shades of spirituality that bring you closer to the liberation that will lead you to empowerment, this massage is applied according to the need of each person and can include the Yoni stimulation massage or not.

Massage to Release G-spot

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Using the Yoni stimulation massage, a specific point inside the vagina is achieved to release the female G-spot.

Through the stimulation of the Lingam, a specific point inside the anus, the male G-spot is unblocked.