Real Tantra London

At Real Tantra London we bring you a range of therapies and courses applied to Tantra that will help you to release those areas of your mind that hold back spiritual and sexual liberation.

Tantric Massage in London

We provide you with guided learning to learn the basics of Tantra: Yoga, Meditation, Pranayamas, Tantric and Erotic Massage, and advanced Sexual Yoga (Maithuna, Way of the Valley Ritual, Lingam Massage or Yoni Massage).

Are you in search of new experiences, sensations that free your inner self? Do you want to receive a massage that arouses your being and takes you to paths you did not know before? You will achieve all this with erotic massages applied to Tantra, find out about the various options we have available to you.

Sexual Healing in London

Has enjoying a healthy and pleasurable sex life become a necessity for you? Through Tantric massage you can find the healing so desired for all the sexual obstacles you are experiencing, dare to break the fears, consult the therapeutic sessions we have prepared for you. More information in the area of sexual healing.

Tantra Course in London

We invite you to incursions into the wonderful world of individual knowledge that will lead you to personal evolution, through Sexual Yoga and Hatha Yoga, a spiritual path of liberation and happiness.

Tantric Massage Courses London

real tantric massage workshops london

Discover the personalized courses with a focus on real Tantra, a way to learn the details of creating magic through Tantric massage.

Erotic Massage Course London

erotic massage workshop london

Improve your individual and couple sexuality, learn the various ways to generate pleasure and sensuality with courses of erotic massage applied to Tantra.

Tantric Sex Course London

real tantra sex course london

Go beyond the traditional and the known, dare to cross your personal and sexual horizon, learn the true fusion of bodies and souls, a total surrender, without restrictions the meeting point between feminine and masculine, the true meaning of Yin and Yan.

Professional Tantric Massage Course London

professional tantra course london

Walking the path and helping others to do so is the essence of a professional Tantra master. In the professional Tantra courses you will enjoy a process of personal transformation and will be able to guide other men, women and couples to find their way. Let’s become a professional masseuse or male masseur in London, or any place around the world.

Online Tantra Courses

online tantra training

Take advantage of the time you have at home, the peace and tranquility of your place to enter the wonderful world of spiritual knowledge, personal and sexual liberation, intimate process of knowing yourself and assume the evolution that will elevate you and allow you to live without fear. Learn Tantra.

Tantra Massage for Man Workshops

You can learn how to give Tantric Massage for Man beyond Lingam Massage. It is also aplied in man to man massage and if you want to become a professional male masseur to provide gay massage this is a great oportunity to get a deep kmowledge about Tantra Gay.

We have also trained luxury tantra masseuses from massage centers in many cities, check an example on, an erotic massage agency in HK.