Erotic Massage Course London

Putting into practice the wisdom of real Tantra in sexual energy control, maintaining spirituality, leads bodily pleasure to levels reserved for few mortals. All this through erotic massage with a tantric base.

Erotic Massage Courses based on Tantric

real tantra massage training london

Inside you is a sensual goddess, with our erotic massage courses you will learn how to take advantage of that magic and sensuality, becoming an expert in pleasure and sensuality by learning the techniques of body to body massage and the most erotic tantric postures you will learn to elevate to unusual stages those who let themselves be seduced by your hands.

Lingam Massage

lingam massage course london

With the aim of taking you to unusual levels of pleasure through your hands, we present the Lingam massage course applied to erotic massage with which we will teach you to use the most pleasant male genital and anal stimulation techniques.

Yoni Massage

yoni massage course london

Yoni massage course applied to erotic massage teaches you to use the most pleasant techniques of female genital and anal stimulation. With the aim of being able to show paradise through your hands.

Anal Massage Course

anal massage training london

Anal massage course in London is a workshop full of sensuality and you will learn how to massage the most erogenous points of the anus. We can assure you that prostate massage for men will not leave any man indifferent and anal massage for women will discover a new horizon of sensations.

Is it man-to-man a gay massage?

Some people would say yes, but we asked Cristian about it, he is a professional erotic male masseur at and he did not agree with that. He thinks that a therapist is not a gay masseur just because provides massages for man, instead of that, he provides pleasure and sensations beyond gender.

We do not provide erotic massage service, but we can recommend a professional massage agency like to try a tantric massage with a real tantra masseuse.